Brothel part 3

toronto escorts: Brothel part 3

It took place in “G… city’ the biggest and most fancy brothel in Melbourne. It looked very renaissance from outside but in a cheap fake version and of course dull wrought iron lamps in red glass. Anyhow I needed the entrance from the parking side and here looked quite modest.

I entered and followed upstairs to the reception. There was a petite old lady who showed me to the next room. All decoration was Zebra looking with silver mirrored walls.

The owner of the place who came for my first interview was exactly matching the imaginable stereotype: skinny, greasy, with slicked back hair that was died too black for him.

It was that type of very tanned and muscular men, who look unreal, to complete that feeling the skin on his chest was very tight, I was watching him with his half unbuttoned shirt and really one look at him was quite sufficient for me to know that this is not the place where I would like to work. I am happy I have not started there.